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I transplanted into the Boise area in September of 2018 primarily for the ease of access to so many different activities I enjoy. I came on vacation to visit my mother who had moved here earlier in the year and instantly fell in love with this town. We started off my vacation with a bike ride down the greenbelt in downtown where I was able to see the river and what the city side of Boise has to offer. Along the way we visited a lot of the local businesses where I was able to meet the people that live and work here. This is where I realized that this was the place to be. The people, the city, having wilderness within minutes and a community that promotes outdoor activities made me realize this was the home I had been searching for. I grew up riding mountain bikes, snowboards, motorcycles, you name it, if it was outside I did it; and to be able to enjoy these types of hobbies all while being just minutes from a booming downtown made this the best place to land.

Aerial view of house roofs in suburban n


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